Nora (ixnotyourstarxi) wrote,

hair drama

so the past few days for me has consisted of figuring out what to do with my hair. i knew i wanted it cut, but i didn't know how. do i trim it? style it? chop it off? OH THE DECISIONS!
so i finally went and got it done.
this is my story in pictures.

this is when i decided my hair had gotten waaaaayyyy out of control

i mean, look at this. it's crazy.

poor nora, you can barely see her face.

so i went to my hairdresser and had her cut it. the short bangs and most of the style were josiah's idea. and i wanted to keep it short on top so i could faux hawk it!

you can kind of see the sides and back with this one...

and here comes my attempt at a faux hawk...

annnnnnnd from the side.. yeah, i really need to get better at this thing. i need to go out and buy some wax and heavy duty hair spray or something.

oo la la?

rocking out.

oh my, what a trip.

so anyway, i would love to get some feedback on this.. i really don't know if i like it yet. i know i'm not in love with the new cut right now. should i keep it? or grow it out? or do something different?
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